Tsurukame Acupuncture clinic is specialized in Achilles tendonitis.

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Our Acupuncture clinic is probably the only Achilles tendon specialized in Japan.
Maybe one in the world.

If Achilles tendonitis becomes chronic, there is no effective treatment,and some people have been suffering from pain for a long time.

Japanese patients who come to our hospital, such as poultice, steroid injections, supporters, insoles, shock wave treatment, etc., will be visited after experiencing various treatments.

If you have trouble with Achilles tendon that has a pain area that is the size of a coin directly behind the narrowest part of your ankle, please come to Tsurukame Acupuncture clinic.

The pain of Achilles tendon is removed by acupuncture treatment by oriental medicine using Tsukame Acupuncture original point.

Our clinic deals only with Achilles tendonitis, which has a painful part that is pushed or pinched by a coin-sized area just behind the narrowest part of the ankle.

This treatment is our speciality, and many patients are cured with a single treatment.

Each individuals have different effects after the treatment. In some cases some patients have their pain returns after a few days. However, if you have a symptom that I wrote earlier and you are traveling to Japan, I think it is worth visiting once.

If you are coming to Japan at various sports events such as the Tokyo Olympics and are having problems with Achilles tendon, please try it.

Why people with Achilles tendinitis should choose Tsurukame Acupuncture clinic.

・The effect can be expected with a single treatment. Sometimes it is better to come twice, but the treatment is basically one time.
Even Achilles tendonitis that has been affected for many years can be expected to be effective with a single treatment.

・Japanese children are treated even in elementary school.
Acupuncture with less pain.

・Our hospital is a 2-minute walk from Nishi Nippori Station. Located along a large street on a 6-lane road. Because it is in a very easy-to-understand place, even first-time visitors can visit without hesitation. Nishi Nippori Station is one of the stations on the JR Yamanote Line and is very close to Ueno Station, Tokyo Station, etc.

・Our hospital is about 8 minutes on foot from a tourist attraction called Yanaka Ginza. When you return, please take a short walk.
We do not recommend walking a lot immediately after treatment … Because it came so far …

Request from Acupuncture clinic.

・Please make a reservation by e-mail as my English is limited. We will communicate with you by electronic translater at my clinic.

・Please arrive 10min before your appointment time.

・We treat only Achilles tendon those who have a coin-sized pain area directly behind the narrowest part of the ankle.

Treatment costs

First time
One leg     7600yen
Both legs 8700yen

After the second
one leg     6600yen
both legs   7700yen


Arakawa-ku nisinippori 4-21-2 NF-building 4F


This sign is a landmark. This is the 4th floor of this building.